Christopher's House of Refuge, Inc. is a non-profit healthcare organization that is geared towards providing exceptional care and daily activities that keeps the mind and body stimulated in a 24 hours clean, safe, family oriented home-like environment. Our board of directors and staff are passion and very focus driven to provide outstanding and affordable care. Most people do not know that most healthcare organizations focus is not on their clients and /or their families. It's merely on budgeting and regulations. Yes, good budgeting and regulations is necessary for any company to be successful, but should not be your main focus. At Christopher's House of Refuge, Inc. our main focus lays on our clients and their families. Which, brings us to why we are a non-profit organization. We pour our profits back into our company so that we can pass those benefits off to our clients and their families, by providing more affordable services with more than enough staff to guarantee that our client’s needs are being met in a timely fashion, all while we “reshape the face of healthcare”. Christopher's House of Refuge, Inc. knows when the community interacts with the elderly life expectancy increases. For that we have teamed up with our local community colleges and other public schools through our volunteer program to help bridge the gap between our seniors and the community. We are more than excited at providing positive interactive opportunities where growing, leaning, and lifelong relationships will be built.