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Our Story

Christopher’s House of Refuge, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides 24-hour affordable housing and health care to elderly and disable individuals that was founded in 2013 by Paula Speight. Ms. Speight is a healthcare worker with an intense passion for quality elderly care. After being disenchanted for years with the way she seen elderly individuals cared for in other institutions, Paula started staying over after work off the clock to take up extra time with her patients, giving them that extra ‘TLC’ especially to the ones that had no family or friends to come and visit them. That still wasn’t enough for Ms. Speight she felt as if she needed to do more. Paula became determined to create a safe and loving environment for elderly and disable people to receive quality healthcare.

As time went by Paula continued to study, research and get the farther education she needed to make a difference in the elderly and disable people lives. During that time Paula’s brother Christopher became very ill and started having unknown reasons to why he kept having strokes which eventually left him unable to speak, walk, or talk, he also was left being on a tube in which he relied on to being feed. Paula’s mother refused to have her son in a nursing home, so she opted on caring for him at home. Paula lived to far away to help her mother hands on to care for her brother but would make weekly calls to see how things were going, because Paula’s mother didn’t want Paula to worry she would say everything was good but later Ms. Speight found out that was far from the truth.

Her mother could not get any government assistance to help her pay for care for her son nor any proper education to care for someone with his condition like how important it is to keep him turned every two hours, the importance of how much water she should flush his feeding tube with etc. Paula’s mother was fearful to ask for help from family due to the pressure she thought she would get to put him in a nursing home, wanted Paula to be ensured she had everything under control as she fought alone with the government asking for help. Christopher ended up passing away due to other complications of not having the proper education of taking care of someone with his needs.

Due to this blow that hit Paula very hard she became more determined to help the people the more, that she started a free resource program that teaches people the proper way to care for their love ones at home that was custom to their individual needs. Also, giving them a support system and a few hours a month of respite all for free. Christopher’s House of Refuge is not just another family care home, it’s a system and a place that gives refuge to the elderly and disable people a place where they can be and feel safe from the troubles of the modem day nursing home and assisted living facilities and a place where families won’t feel guilty about placing their loved ones with Christopher’s House of Refuge for they know they would be cared for. Christopher’s House of Refuge, Inc is a place where great care and comfort are at the fingertips of their residence.