Christopher House of Refuge Logo 3D

Our Mission

Christopher's House of Refuge is a non-profit 501c3 family care home organization, that is designed to provide affordable and extraordinary healthcare services and housing to at-risk veterans in a  small family-like environment. Our headquarters are located in Meckenburg County, North Carolina. Christopher's House of Refuge differentiate it self from our competitors by providing a signature holistic personalized approach to address the complex needs of our residents and their families. We have experienced licensed staff that have ongoing continuing education that keeps them up to date with the latest changes and how to properly interact with our residents. Our staff to resident ratio is 2:3. We also believe in being a leader in our community by providing certain resources such as an education program where we offer a free program to disadvantage people that wants to keep their love one at home that educates them on the proper way to care for their family member at home ensuring them they are giving them the best care that they deserve and making sure they have a support system in place. We aim to educate, guide and support our resident and their family. Christopher's House of Refuge goal is to make each resident feel comfortable by providing s secure, safe, happy, loving and relaxed home-like environment.

Our Vision

Providing signature holistic care for those who have served us and sacrificed their lives for this country and our freedom.